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What is a Personal Image Consultant? (6 months/1 year)

Beibei will be your long-term image consultant for personal customization, and it can also be understood as your contracted personal stylist during the period. It is suitable for management people who have no time, entrepreneurs, and people who want to truly transform themselves. One of the ideas of long-term companionship is that I think it is difficult for people to make real changes in one or two days. Even if it is a temporary change, it is easy to “rebound” because of unaccustomed or uncomfortable and usual habits. So the change in appearance and the change in belief must go hand in hand. Therefore, I also started a long-term service, and you are welcome to start by making an appointment for a personal image design consultation to have an understanding of me.
During the long-term companionship of 6 months or 1 year, we will design an image for you after having a general understanding of your basic information such as your social role, external information such as facial features, body characteristics, and your inner personality. Combining from the outside with the inside, it helps you to master your own dressing & selection rules, hair style, makeup and etiquette are included to help you improve your image from the inside out.


Carry out a deeper image design consultation, and make a 6-month or 1-year personal customized service plan for you after having a certain understanding of your external image plus internal, lifestyle, personality, etc.

Become your personal image consultant partner

(6 months/1 year)

After confirming that you have a certain understanding of you, you can regularly purchase clothing and accessories that suit you according to the season, including occasional clothing shopping for different occasions. Contains regular hairstyles and makeup that match the clothing season. Create your own personal image consultant. (According to the characteristics of your own body and facial features, your natural style, and even a full-body image with a hobby personality, we can help you locate the most suitable and comfortable image for you.


During the consultation, I will judge according to your facial features, body, skin color, and then consider your temperament, social role, age, style, preferences and other factors to help you find the style that best suits you, for example: your facial features The amount of bias curve is too small, the skin color is suitable for bright colors, and the bone characteristics are suitable for soft beauty, etc. According to these characteristics, I will recommend the style of clothing for you. If the overall personality preferences of the 3recommended family are not uniform, I will use a comprehensive method to make suggestions.
In terms of body shape, such as narrow shoulders, big belly, thick legs, etc., I will give tips on how to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, and how to match clothes.


During the service period, you can ask any questions about the service content at any time and an unlimited number of times. I will always accompany you for a long time, and answer any questions.

Notice & Notes

This Services include..


Varies according to content


Decided after communication and consultation


Determined after communication and negotiation after formulating personal service methods
*The cost of purchasing clothing, beauty salon, and catering will be borne by the customer

Personal image design is suitable for such people.

I hope that everyone can work hard towards their own ideals, whether it is external, internal, or material. Hard work, persistence, I believe that in the long run, all the pay and the harvest are equal.

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