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Born in China 10 years old with the same parents Moved to Tokyo, Japan. Formerly in Beijing. work. More than 10 years in the field of human figure modeling and figurine design, 2011 obtained America’s AIS International Sculpture Certificate, Fall 2018 moving contract. She is currently working as a woman who works hard to design her self-love.

Hello everyone, I am Beibei,

I want to talk about my original intention of deciding to do personal styling here, and I hope it can be regarded as an initial understanding of me by everyone!

I remember when I first came to New York, because I missed Chinese food, I went to Chinatown in Manhattan for the first time, and went to Flushing, the largest Chinese community in New York. The people there are struggling for life, and they don’t see much joy. It may also be because they are too busy and busy, and they don’t care about so many external things, let alone life. Quality and self-image requirements.

In fact, I can understand it, but at this time my mind gradually arises, what can I do? idea. At that time, I started to think that I hope that overseas Chinese can live a more relaxed life. How good would it be if I could know the possibilities that can be brought about by changing the outside world? It is also because I am the same as them, I am Chinese, whether I live in Japan or the United States, I have always been a Chinese living overseas.

In the past, I have done clothing styling for many models. Now, I can use the knowledge and experience of character modeling I have accumulated over the years to help people who want their appearance to be better but do not know how to change it. I also hope that people can understand To the power that image enhancement can bring us.


In the beginning process, I found that there are very few channels and ways for people to improve their image in the United States, so I think I should do it more.

As for the image design industry, although some people think that well-dressed clothes are for people with status and money, why should we ordinary people be so particular about them? Even if we understand that the value that a good image will bring to us exists, it is not to the point where we want to spend money. But in my opinion, as ordinary people, we should actually pay more attention to it, at least not to wear it too poorly, why? Because this may make you worse and worse. In the modern society with fierce competition, ordinary people are not suitable for low-key. The premise of low-key is to be able to be high-key at any time. Take a look at you, and you will miss a lot of opportunities because of this.

This is my idea.

Because the image is like a facade, what you wear represents what kind of person you are, and also determines the attitude of others towards you. A good appearance is like a magnetic field, making people want to get close to you, so ordinary people should be more groomed Your own image, such as buying a few “decent” clothes, a good hairstyle, a modified makeup, fitness…etc. The image is good, I am very convinced that this will bring us more good luck.

I hope that people can follow their hearts, boldly try to jump out of the comfort zone of dressing, and when they see a better self in front of the mirror, they will definitely see more possibilities in life.

And I believe that the beauty of life comes from the inside and the outside.

No matter how old you are in the future, you can think that you are the best now, without any regrets in life,

Do you want to take that first step?

I hope you are the one who is destined,

Cherish and look forward to meeting everyone!

                                           —Beibei Xie

— Beibei Xie

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